Monday, July 7, 2008

There are no second acts in American life -- someone said that, or something like that. Whoever it was (Fitzgerald?), I really hope he was wrong. Or I'm in trouble. After several x several x several years with The Times, I quit last week. The last position I held gave me the best title, the best pay in lo those many years, but it was a filthy job. Remember the PSA's from a few years back where kids said "I want to be a dancer," "I want to be a doctor", and then the voice-over "No one ever says he wants to be a junkie when he grows up." So, too, no one ever says he (or in this case, she) wants to work in customer service. But there I found myself, trading my life away for a decent salary and good benefits.

My fault I know, because I settled into a job for which I had no sympathy or apptitude.

Fortunately, I stashed a few bucks in the bank (not Indy Mac, thank God!) and it's pretty much now or never. I weighed hanging on to a job I really hated vs cutting the ties, losing the security, and trying to figure out a new direction. Hell, a whole new map.

So I'm making lists: What do I like, what makes me happy, what is significant. And, since I'm woefully short on discipline, I'm also making a schedule to carry me through the first few weeks. Echo Mountain hike in the morning, one hour writing, one hour gardening, one hour on financial matters, and a two mile run at night. Wave if you see me huffing and puffing down the streets of Altadena. I might soon be poor, but I'll be fit.


  1. Busted I am. My last job there was Senior Manager of Customer Relations, Planning and Communication, and I didn't sleep or eat very well. It was a bad time to be any of those three, much less all three.

    Now, aren't you supposed to leave town with PA?

  2. There is a downside to an online presence--at least with PA around to remind you.

  3. Yup. It was a hard time at LA Times. Harder times for them now, I think. (Just got back w/LAT friend.)

    You can also leave town Jean. PA has vodka coolers.

  4. Think, think how lucky you are. It's like escaping before the bomb goes off.