Monday, July 28, 2008

Lasagna with toppings

Week two of the lasagna garden experiment. Messy looking, but tomatoes seem ok, and there are a few blooms. Cukes & zukes look a little sad during the day, but perk up at night. Still have the little flies -- I could say there are fewer, but that's probably denial. Spread some of the excess paper/alfalfa/straw in the other beds, and a two-year old meyer lemon almost seems to have doubled in size in just one week. Yuckiest thing: Some evil looking mushrooms I pull up every morning. At least the dogs are now disenchanted with the box, so I can't blame any failures on them.


  1. My lazy cats turned my tomato patch into a kitty litter box. Like visiting guests, everyone avoids walking down my hillside unless sufficiently inebriated. The guests, I mean.

  2. Oh good. Let's find a place for one of my tiles on your hillside and, after the proper refreshments, your guests will think it looks really, really clever.