Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lasagna gardening

Trying out the no-dig garden, one raised bed at a time. This means an untreated wood frame with a few layers of newspaper on bottom. The paper is supposed to lure worms and other beneficials to the surface. Per a profile in LA Times, the next step is some bone meal, but since I have a horse and access to all a horse can produce, I used composted manure/wood shavings. Then flakes of alfalfa hay topped by flakes of straw. Some more manure and a little bat -- what's the polite term -- guano?, and then about four inches of compost.

Right now it looks like a large messy coffin, made no better by my digging dog. (Apparently bat shit is a labrador delicacy.) And there are some teeny little creatures flying a landing pattern over the coffin all day long.

Hope this gets better with age.

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